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  • MOPEKS® - Summary of Key Concepts

    Project Organisation


    The computer program MOPEKS (mopeks.exe) is downloadable from this site as freeware.

    This Website

    This Website (mopeks.org) is primarily intended as a guide to the use of the computer program MOPEKS

    The Book

    The Book (MOPEKS - A route to Intelligence?) deals primarily with the evolution of human intelligence, its logic and wiring. It also speculates on the implications of real machine intelligence.

    The Nature of Human Intelligence

    It is my contention that:

    The major use of human intelligence is the solving of problems whether they be of survival, finding a mate or just making a cup of coffee.

    These problems normally involve the interaction of objects in a particular environment - eg in making a cup of coffee the environment is the kitchen and the objects concerned are you, a kettle, cup, teaspoon, coffee, sugar, milk, etc. The 'problem' may be to make the cup of coffee with the minimum amount of movement.

    A human being is a computing machine which can copy, learn or generate procedures which enable it to solve such problems. It is this ability which gives human beings their enormous degree of flexibility compared with animals - birds can build beautiful nests but would struggle to make a hat.

    Similarly, computer programs written by human beings can only cope with events which have been anticipated by the person who wrote the program - a bridge playing program cannot play poker. To this extent, they are like animals.

    The procedures which human beings copy, learn or generate, in turn use procedures which have been previously acquired. When you pick up a cup you are using dozens of procedures concerned with the estimation of angles, distances, gripping and co-ordination that you have learned previously.

    'Understanding' and 'comprehension' comes from having an internal simulator which can reproduce the actions of objects and can therefore be used to make predictions and also evaluate alternative strategies.

    Such concepts as consciousness, mind, freewill are irrelevant - this is an engineering problem.

    The qualia and emotions are relevant.

    The Hardware of Human Intelligence

    It has been my contention for many years (this project started in 1986) that the wiring of the brain is in a grid layout and in many ways is very similar to the memory of a conventional computer. This has been confirmed by recent research (2012 - see here)

    I would also contend that neural networks do not play a major role in the operation of the brain.

    The Program MOPEKS

    MOPEKS stands for Methods, Objects, Properties, Environments, Kinetics and Simulation. It is, I believe, a major extension to both Genetic Programming and Object Oriented Programming and is the true route to machine intelligence.

    The program has been fully operational for over a year but the writing of the book and the construction of this website were big tasks and I wanted to make all three available at the same time. This is now the case.

    MOPEKS is built to imitate human intelligence insofar as it uses Genetic Programming to generate computer programs which can use each other to generate further computer programs in an endless upward progression of ever-increasing sophistication.

    MOPEKS uses these generated computer programs in an arbitrary environment filled with arbitrary objects which have arbitrary properties and use the generated computer programs just referred to. For example, an environment may be a table top on which varous objects are competing for space or it may be the nucleus of an atom or our solar system. These environments, objects, properties and generated computer programs are currently under the control of the user.

    At its most sophisticated, MOPEKS enables an "intelligent" object to solve problems which involve actions of objects in a particular environment. For example, the problem may be to avoid being eaten on the plains of Africa. Or maybe plan a seating arrangement to minimise the extent of arguments between guests with strongly held but opposing views!

    MOPEKS is a generalised problem solver and it is my belief that it is the correct route to real machine intelligence.

    MOPEKS® and the Blue Logo are the Registered Trademarks of the MOPEKS Organisation
    Website Published: 15th October 2013
    Program Launched: 2nd November 2013
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