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  • MOPEKS® Library - 6 Remove Method from Entity


    For the background to operations in the Library please see 'Guide ⇨ Library ⇨ Background'

    Please note that each action in the Library has a separate entry - otherwise the document size would be excessive.

    In this context, the word 'Entity' refers to an Object or an Environment.

    You can sort columns into ascending/descending order by left clicking on the heading.

    Option 6 - Remove Method from Entity

    The process is as follows and is illustrated in the animated gif below if you care to left click on it:

    A. Ensure the 'Entity' radio button is clicked eg 'Objects'
    B. Ensure the '6. REMOVE A METHOD from this ...' radio button is clicked
    C. Highlight the Entity from which you wish to remove the Method (the Object 'Cassius' in this case)
    D. Highlight the Method which you wish to remove ('R_Kills_S' in this case)
    E. Press the green 'REMOVE A METHOD from this ...' button

    http://www.mopeks.org/images/form_library_remove_method.gif Left click for ANIMATED gif. Then Save Image to Disk and Step through as a Movie if you wish - see 'FAQ ⇨ General ⇨ Q9'

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